Where do Hong Kong people buy appliances in 2024?

In 2024, Hong Kong people are increasingly inclined to purchase appliances online, and brands are investing more resources in developing the online market. Apart from Fortress and Broadway, where else can they turn to? Let's quickly catch up.

  1. Price.com is a price comparison website that helps consumers find appliances at the lowest prices. They offer a wide selection of appliance brands and have a rating system for consumers to view other users' feedback on products and sellers. Additionally, Price.com provides a Wallet feature that allows users to earn extra cashback.
  2. Yoho友和 is a well-known online electronics store in Hong Kong, offering a variety of appliance choices. Their prices are relatively lower, but online reviews are mixed.
  3. Pricerite豐澤 is a renowned online store in Hong Kong and belongs to the Li & Fung Group. They primarily sell home and electronic products, including a range of appliances. They have a good reputation.
  4. ElecBoy 電器幫 is an online store that focuses on providing appliances and services. It is also a brand under the Watsons Group. They offer a wide selection of appliances, including household appliances, entertainment products, and smart home devices.
  5. BUILT-IN PRO specializes in built-in kitchen appliances. They offer a variety of high-quality built-in kitchen appliances such as ovens, cooktops, and range hoods. If you value quality and professionalism when purchasing built-in kitchen appliances, BUILT-IN PRO is a worthy consideration.
  6. HKTVmall is a comprehensive online shopping platform in Hong Kong that offers various products, including appliances. They collaborate with numerous brands and provide a diverse range of appliance choices. HKTVmall is known for its fast and reliable delivery service, and you may also find parallel imports.
  7. J Select is an online store that focuses on high-quality lifestyle products and also offers various appliance choices. Their prices are relatively higher, and their physical stores have attractive decor. If you prioritize brand and design when purchasing high-quality appliances, J Select is worth considering.
  8. 百老匯 is a long-established electrical appliance chain store in Hong Kong and also has its own online store. They offer a wide range of appliances, including household appliances, digital products, and kitchenware. Broadway enjoys a good reputation in the Hong Kong market and has many physical stores for consumers to purchase products and seek repairs. Their prices are relatively stable, and they provide good after-sales service.

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