Terms and Conditions

  1. 沒有參與商品設計、生產、安全測試等程序。對品牌和產品只有有限認知,若代買產品的質量存有任何問題,我們概不負責。
  2. 若賣方因任何原因沒有出貨,在賣方完成退款前,我方不提前退款。若賣方最終沒有退款,客人需自行承擔損失。
  3. 請自行查閱目的地國家貨物入境要求,因海關原因的退件將有額外收費。
  4. 所有退款的交易費用由客人承擔。
  5. 我方會為客人的易碎貨物提供額外包裝,但最終因由貨運公司運送過程對貨物造成的破損或遺失,我們概不負責。
  6. 我方會在貨物寄出後提供郵包追蹤碼,當中運送時間只屬參考,我方對貨運公司的運送延誤概不負責。
  7. 網站上的產品存貨量和價錢只屬參考,我方保留在客人付款前修改存貨量和價錢之權利。
  8. 我方會盡力解答客人對產品和品牌的疑問,但若提供給客人的資訊有錯誤或不清晰成份,我們概不負責。
  9. 我方或在代買過程中使用會員優惠、商場積分、商店積分、信用卡優惠、優惠劵等扣減貨價,客人的代買價格依我方報價為準。
  10. 客人需為貨物入口目的地國家所產生的稅項負責。

HKLongD is a proxy shopping platform 

  1. We are not involved in product design, manufacturing, QC and other procedures. We have limited acknowledgement about the brand and product. We are not liable for the product defects.
  2. If the seller doesn't deliver the product for whatever reason, we will not refund before the seller does. If the seller eventually doesn't refund, customers have to bear the loss.
  3. Please check your country's requirements for importation. There will be fee for parcel return due to custom reasons.
  4. Customers have to bear the refund transaction fee.
  5. We will provide wrapping for fragile items. But still, we are not liable for any damage or loss caused during transportation.
  6. We will provide tracking code after shipment. The delivery time is only for reference and we are not liable for late parcel.
  7. The inventory and price on our website is only for reference. We reserve the rights to change before customers' payments.
  8. We will try our best to address customers' questions. But we are not liable for any incorrect or unclear information.
  9. We may use member's benefit, card's benefit, store's point, or coupons to deduct buying cost. Customers must pay according to our quotation.
  10. Customers has to pay import tax themselves.