Business Cooperation

Embracing Diversity to Strengthen Our Business Capability.

We welcome all sorts of partnerships and collaboration.

  1. I am a PAGE OWNER
    Exchange social media's traffic.

  2. I am a local RETAILER
    HKlongd sends your products to your foreign customers. We are experienced in wrapping and packing unstandardized products. Store your products with us and when there is a foreign order, we will help with the logistics and customs matters.

    Add your products on our store to gain new exposure and orders.

  3. I am a foreign RETAILER
    When you are not big enough yet or too far away to get manufacturers' interest, we can help you acquire quality goods that give you a special position in your local market.

    From banner ad, sponsored editorial, to outsourcing and strategic acquisition, let us know how we can add value to your business.