Quick Guide

HKLongD提供優秀的代買服務。除了少量禁運品,你可以指定任何產品,我們便會幫你搜羅 -> 購入 -> 包裝 -> 送到府上





1. 複製產品連結

2. 到"任何產品",貼上產品連結按需要填寫產品資料並加入購物車,你可以在同一訂單加入來自不同店的產品。越詳盡的資料越能夠幫助我們順利購入,亦降低錯買的風險。


3.選好所有產品後,前往結帳。填上送貨地址然後選"提交訂單"然後"Pay now"。

4. 收到電郵後,如覺得價錢許可,可按指示完成付款。如不接受價錢,即不用理會,棄單不構成任何費用。



HKLongD provides proxy shopping service. Except for a number of prohibited items, you can name any item. Our team will then search -> buy -> pack -> send it to your address.

Why HKLongD
✅Free Quote
✅Any item from Asia

✅Buy from multiple shops
✅Direct ship to your address
✅Personal / Business purposes

⭐️Check customer's reviews⭐️


1. Copy Link

2. Paste product link in "Any Item", Fill in product details and add to cart. You can add products from various shops in one order. The more detailed your information is, the easier we can identify the item so as to lower the risk of getting the wrong item.


3. After finalizing the list, check out and fill in the shipping address. Check "Submit Order" and "Pay Now".

At this stage, you are "submitting order", we don't collect card details or payment. We will have to estimate postage and other costs. Then we will contact with the actual price via email.

4. After receiving the email, if you agree with the price, kindly follow the instructions and proceed. If you think it's too expensive, simply ignore the email and no fee will be charged.

If you require something more or our store doesn't serve you well, kindly contact us via our Facebook page.