❓❓LongD FAQ 1~20❓❓

🧐LongD FAQ 1💡
Q. Can we buy something not listed on HKLongD site😍?
A. Yes👌, name it and we'll buy🛒 it for you.

🧐LongD FAQ 2💡
Q. Do you have stock📦?
A. No, we are not retailer. We don't have stock and will need days to gather products⏰.

🧐LongD FAQ 3💡
Q. Which courier📦?
A. We mainly use Fedex/DHL/HKpost, depends on shipping countries, what item and their rates🤑🤑.

🧐LongD FAQ 4💡
Q. Why charge a lot for my light parcel📦?
A. Apart from weight, volume also matters. Google "Volumetric Weight"🙆🙆‍♂️

🧐LongD FAQ 5💡
Q. Is there a tracking for my parcel📦?
A. Yes🙆🙆‍♂️ we use service with tracking so we can both monitor the status😉

🧐LongD FAQ 6💡
Q. Can we send gadgets with lithium battery🔋?
A. No for HKpost, Likely Yes for couriers😉.

🧐LongD FAQ 7💡
Q. Do you work 24/7😪😪?
A. We have very limited hands. If you think we miss you message, don't hesitate and ping us👌👌

🧐LongD FAQ 8💡
Q. Can you send gift to my friends/family in Hong Kong👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦?
A. Yes, definitely.👌👌

🧐LongD FAQ 9💡
Q. Can you add extra wrapping for my fragile items📦📦?
A. Yes, we will add protection and repack👌👌

🧐LongD FAQ 10💡
Q. What can't be sent✅❎
A. Kindly check regulations for your country. We can only advise a general list of items🙏

🧐LongD FAQ 11💡
Q. Why charge me "site visit"?
A. If the product is not easily accessible or far from us, we will need extra fee🙏

🧐LongD FAQ 12💡
Q. Can you pick up something I buy in Carousell and send to me🎡?
A. Yes Yes Yes💪💪

🧐LongD FAQ 13💡
Q. Can we buy from different stores, gather and send out all at once🤔🤔?
A. Yes Yes Yes💪💪

🧐LongD FAQ 14💡
Q. Can I buy from HKTVmall📺📺?
A. Yes, ParknShop, AEON, Wellcome, Citistore, Yata, SOGO, simply send us the links🙃🙃

🧐LongD FAQ 15💡
Q. What if you are not able to buy the items eventually😵😵
A. Full refund💰💰 (Unless specified in advance)

🧐LongD FAQ 16💡
Q. Can you send by sea🚢🚢?
A. Yes, ask for a sea price at "Further Instructions"🕝🕜

🧐LongD FAQ 17💡
Q. What payment method💶💷?
A. Paypal / FPS / Credit Card / Debit Card🤑🤑

🧐LongD FAQ 18💡
Q. Can you buy from wholesaler for better price📦📦
A. Only if regular and bulk order😅😅🙏🙏

🧐LongD FAQ 19💡
Q. Shipping is so expensive?😤😤
A. First kg is the most expensive. It will be relatively cheaper to buy more at once🙂

🧐LongD FAQ 20💡
Q. How to calculate volumetric weight🧐🧐
A. L x W x H (cm) / 5000 = volumetric weight (kg)

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