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Hong Kong Personal Shopper / Hong Kong Proxy Shopping
香港代買 / 香港代購

HKLongD = Hong Kong Long Distance,起始於Facebook,HKLongD本意為為身在海外的香港人購物,由口慾到心靈,我們都盡力為客人一解思鄉之愁。



HKLongD, which stands for Hong Kong Long Distance, originated from Facebook. HKLongD was initially created to serve Hong Kong people living abroad, aiming to alleviate their homesickness from the depths of their desires to their inner souls.

As our business expanded, we extended our services to all Chinese-speaking users. Over the years, we have shipped various types of products, ranging from food, household items, kitchenware, comics, books, magazines, sports jerseys, CDs, stamps, models, to electronic products. We have transported a wide array of unexpected items.

Beyond the physical goods we deliver, our ultimate goal is to export the values that are uniquely attributed to Hong Kong during these chaotic times. We rely on all of you, who are living abroad, to preserve, inherit, and document the extraordinary spirit of the people of Hong Kong.

At HKLongD, we strive to bridge the distance and connect Hong Kong people around the world by providing a shopping service that goes beyond material possessions. We are dedicated to delivering a sense of belonging and preserving the essence of Hong Kong's values.